A fascination with form and fantasy has been present in me since early childhood. Raised with a strong background in the fine and performing arts, I believe that my first solid step towards clay came when I took my first ballet class. There I discovered the deep, primordial joy of being centered within the body and expressing myself through the freedom of movement. I gained a deep and resonant appreciation for the body and all of it's sensual delight, mystery and divinity.

In my thirties, I developed my artistic skills by creating jewelry. As a jewelry-maker, I honed my design skills, molding and shaping movement and form through the various mediums with which I worked. The power and beauty I experienced in raising a family and honoring my own traditions, as well as new ones I unearthed through exploring various cultures, led to a larger and freer format for expressing my personal story. Through my sculpture I attempt to tap into the heart center of the individual. I feel that my work is literally born out of my awareness of my environment -- expressing what is at the very core of my being.

I want very much for my work to reflect the beauty and harmony I see in the physical world as well as the deeper, tender, spiritual connections people make in coming together through this dance of life that we all share.